High standard apartment building next to the sea

All apartments have a sea view. Unit sizes vary from 37 m2 to 76 m2. There is a parking space and a pantry in the basement. Parking spaces vary in size from 13.9 m2 to 22.8 m2, and the pantry is 10 m2. Apartments have loggias of 3.7 m2 to 17 m2, and the ground floor features terraces or garden areas of 7 m2 to 71 m2.


The units on the ground floor have loggias, terraces, or gardens of various sizes; and on the upper floors are loggias.


Disabled people have proper access to the garages and the ground floor of the building. There are five entrances to the building, with no more than three apartments to every entrance on both the ground and upper floors.


The building has aluminium doors and windows, there are ceramic tiles on the floor, and every unit has its own heating and cooling system.


A caretaker will be in charge of maintaining the building.




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